Which flowers suit indoor maintenance?

Which flowers suit indoor maintenance

With the faster and faster pace of life, people have less and less leisure time.Raising flowers is some people’s hobby, but after all, people’s energy is limited, it is impossible to spend a lot of time to take care of these flowers, which will eventually lead to withered flowers and even death.What kinds of flowers are easy to keep?

Cactus: when it comes to the ranking of the best indoor plants, cactus can definitely rank first!Cactus originated from the high temperature arid desert region, with a strong vitality.Give it sunlight and water it once every two to three months. After all, the cactus can survive in the harsh desert environment.

Cactus is the most fragile thing in the world, she is delicate as water, a touch will lose their lives.God put upon her heart a suit of armor as hard as iron, with stabbing stings.From then on, no one could ever see the heart of the cactus again, and anything that came near her would bleed.

After a long time, a brave man wanted to wipe out the evil thing. When the sword went out, the cactus became two halves, from which was a green liquid.Originally, that is the heart of the sealed cactus, due to no one to understand the loneliness, into a drop of tears.So the word for cactus is – strong.


Chlorophytum: Chlorophytum likes warm and moist growth environment, the requirements of the soil is not high, literally planted a branch inserted in the wet soil or water can survive, usually as long as it can give the right amount of water can grow very well.

Spider plant is a perennial herb, slender branches droop, summer or other seasons when the temperature is high white flowers, flowers are concentrated in the end of the branches hanging down, the stamens are yellow, the internal small young leaves sometimes purple, for potted viewing.


Ivy: Ivy is also the best indoor plant ranking in one of the ivy leaf beautiful, evergreen, in the south around often used as a vertical greening.In the normal course of ivy farming, just keep the soil moist and expose it to some astigmatism, and you can happily enjoy the fresh air ivy brings to the room.

Ivy leaf shape is beautiful, evergreen, often used for vertical greening in the south.Many plants beside the rockery, wall root, let its natural attachment vertical or cover growth, play the effect of decoration and beautification of the environment.When potted, with small and medium-sized basin cut primarily, can undertake a variety of modelling, display in the room.

It can also be used to cover the walls of the indoor garden to make the landscape of the indoor garden more natural and beautiful.The whole ivy plant can be used as medicine, has the effect of dispelling wind and dampness, promoting blood circulation and reducing swelling, and has therapeutic effect on falling injury, back and leg pain, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.

In the courtyard can be used to climb rockery, rock, or in the shade of the building as a vertical greening material.It is advisable to plant in a shade environment with good microclimate in North China.Also can be potted for indoor afforest ornamental use.Ivy has been widely used in greening.

In particular, it plays a pivotal role in three-dimensional greening.It can not only achieve the greening and beautification effect, but also play the role of increasing oxygen, cooling, dust reduction, noise reduction, etc., is one of the most used materials of liana green plants.


Chlorophytum: Chlorophytum is a negative plant, known as the “flower of life”, likes half shade and hot and humid environment.As long as it is placed in a humid semi-shade with a little light, it can thrive, so it is also one of the best indoor plants.

Money plant its winding sex is strong, adventitious roots developed, leaf color colorful, four seasons evergreen, long branches hanging, is excellent foliage plants, can let its perch on trunk with brown into cylindrical, greening, put in the hall, hotel, also can develop into a trailer in the study, windowsill, walls, walls, and can also be used to shade cover plant, is a kind of suitable for display in indoor flowers.

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