What are the skills to send flowers?

Sending flowers is a knowledge, sending flowers is also an art, the language of flowers to express is too rich, flower receiver you ever understand the meaning?Are you a little confused about sending flowers?Do you know what a bouquet of red and white roses means?Do you know what to do first when sending lily for visiting?Wait a minute, to express and understand the meaning of flowers to better express the art.

To grasp the true meaning of flowers, we must first understand the language and meaning of flowers, in order to make flowers show the essence of the moon, the spirit of heaven and earth, have the beauty of ease.After a long period of evolution, people attach certain meanings to all kinds of flowers to convey feelings and express their feelings.

Thousands of states of flowers say thousands of words, to understand the meaning of flowers, it is from the beginning of the common sense to send flowers.Due to different ethnic customs, flowers are also taboo, not mechanically copied.Every flower has a meaning and a silent language, so you should choose a different kind of flower according to your partner’s situation.

  • Give the old man birthday, should send longevity flower or evergreen, longevity flower symbol of “health and longevity”, evergreen symbol of “eternal youth”.
  • Men and women in love generally give roses and lilies. These flowers are beautiful, elegant, and fragrant, and are the symbols and symbols of love.
  • To congratulate friends on their birthdays, it is advisable to send roses, anthurium, unicorn grass, and gypsophila, symbolizing “the fiery red years and the bright future.”
  • Congratulations to the wedding, roses, lilies, tulips, vanilla, gerbera, anthurium, bird of paradise, etc. are suitable. As for the bridal bouquet, adding a few stars to it will make it more gorgeous and refined.

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