What are the key points of flower arrangement for beginners?

What are the key points of flower arrangement for beginners

When learning flower arrangement, there are some main points, which are mainly divided into three elements:

1. Basic modeling of flower arrangement.

2. Size determination.

3. Color matching.

Basic shape of flower arrangement

Horizontal type: the design center of gravity emphasizes the horizontal shape of transverse extension.A slight bulge in the center and an elegant curve at the left and right ends.Its modelling biggest characteristic is to be able to appreciate from any Angle.Used for table, tea table, conference table display.

Triangle: flower material can be inserted into equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle or non-equilateral triangle, simple shape, stability, give a person to balance, stability, simple, solemn feeling.For ceremonies, openings, gifts of flower baskets, etc.If used in large art performance and other grand occasions, also show luxury style.

L-shaped: a vertical combination of the two sides, left and right in an unbalanced state.Appropriate display is in indoor corner relies on wall place.L-shaped flowers and flowers often play an important role in the composition of some spikes. Large flowers and fruits are used for corners, while small flowers extend themselves forward, giving people an open and upward feeling.

Fan shape: the basic triangular shape of the flower arrangement, radiating in the center, and form a fan shape.Suitable for display in the larger space.

Inverted T-shape: The whole design focuses on the composition of the inverted T-shape.The ratio of vertical and horizontal lines is 2:1, giving a modern sense.Suitable for decoration in the environment with small space around.

Vertical: the overall shape shows a vertical upward shape, giving people a sense of upward extension.Suitable for display in high and narrow space.

Oval shape: Elegant and luxurious style.Adopt a large number of flower material, group type inserts a method, to the structure, comparative requirement is lower, show natural fruity feeling.Classical vases as containers, suitable for churches or ceremonies such as the larger space of the occasion.

Inclined: the shape is an equilateral triangle.The main branch of the long and short – term depending on the situation, the whole composition has the characteristics of left and right imbalance.Used for linear flower material, can effectively express the stretch, natural beauty.


Determine the size of the flower arrangement

The proportion of flower material and flower implement should be coordinated.In general, the height of the flower arrangement (i.e. the height of the first main branch) should not exceed 1 of the height of the container.5-2 times, the height of the container is calculated as the diameter of the bottle mouth plus its own height.After the height of the first main branch is determined, the height of the second main branch is 2/3 of the height of the first main branch, and the height of the third main branch is 1/2 of the height of the second main branch.In the specific creative process by experience visual inspection can be.

Second, the third main branch plays a balanced role in the composition, the number is not limited, but the size and proportion should be coordinated.The proportion between the material of natural type flower arrangement and flower implement must cooperate properly, achieve strewn at random have send, alternate with density, avoid to show a foot, shrink head, unkempt.Regular flower arrangement and abstract flower arrangement should be handled according to the golden ratio, that is, the bottle height is 3, the flower material height is 5, the total height is 8, the ratio of 3:5:8 is ok.Bouquets may also be tied in this proportion.


Arrangement of flower colors

The colour configuration that arranges a flower, since be opposite natural portrait, it is to natural exaggeration, mass-tone tonal choice should suit to use an environment.Strong warm tones (red, orange, yellow) suitable for festive gatherings, dance hall restaurants, exhibition hall;Bright and clean neutral tones for study, living room and bedroom;And cool colors (light yellow, green, blue, purple, white) are often used in places of mourning.

In terms of the kind of flower material, this wood for its deep and powerful, herbaceous for its bright but pleasant.Natural flower art to beauty, not dazzling color, even if no flowers, can be used as the protagonist cyan cyan.And the pattern flower art with strong color, hot, can also be set in a strong contrast of color in the same work.

Look with respect to the colour that spends material and container cooperate, plain coloured fine vase and quietly elegant chrysanthemum have harmonious feeling;Strong and with decorative dahlia, with bright glazed coarse pottery pot, can show its bold charm;Light blue water should be inserted with low and dense pink Daisy or Daisy;A glass bottle with a thin neck should be decorated with chrysanthemum, and its branches and stems should be wrapped around the bottle.

As far as the characteristics of eastern and Western flower art are concerned, the western flower art has many branches, strong color and strong contrast.And Oriental flower art is flowered branch is little, emphasize natural posture is beautiful, use shallow, light color more, be good at with grace.By the above, you should have a basic understanding of how to arrange flowers. So, pay attention to these three elements when learning how to arrange flowers. I believe you will be very handy when learning how to arrange flowers.



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