What are the flower etiquette?

What are the flower etiquette to china

Flowers play a more and more important role in etiquette communication with the deepening of social civilization and become an important tool in social communication.Flowers in etiquette communication mainly has the following several forms of application: the origin of etiquette flowers, like etiquette, is formed by customs.Pass affection, send affection flower, ancient already began.

On behalf of the ancient Oriental civilization of etiquette state – China, in the application of ceremonial flowers, can be traced back to ancient times.The discovery of a pattern of plants on pottery dating back 7,000 years suggests that the ancients used flowers to beautify their lives.In addition to decorative purposes, this flower pattern may also be a sign of some kind of emotion and desire.According to historical records, the ancients gave certain meanings to flowers during xia ~ Eastern Zhou Dynasty (21st ~ 3rd century BC).

Ancient flower etiquette is not unique to China. In ancient Greece, due to frequent wars, groups of war heroes emerged. People greeted victorious heroes with flowers and presented them with flowers that could best express their respect.Every year, on Children’s Day (Anthester), children wear crowns to celebrate their holiday.These can be said to be western etiquette with flowers to begin the representative.

The ancients formed a good flower etiquette of the customs, to leave us a precious flower culture wealth.The form of flower etiquette through many years: thousands of years of continuation to the present, prevalent.And gradually internationalizing.This development process has withstood the test of time and space, indicating that flower etiquette has national and cosmopolitan, and etiquette flowers have infinite charm and unique role.

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