Send Flowers Qixi Festival, Double Seventh Festival Flowers

Send Flowers Qixi Festival

What does QIXI mean?

Falling on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, the Qixi Festival, or Double Seventh Festival, is widely known as China Valentine’s Day. It is a day full of romance because of an ancient household love story in China about Niulang and Zhinu (Cowherd and Weaver Girl).

Although the western Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14 prevails in China for years, Chinese people attach more and more importance to Qixi, their own Valentine’s Day. Lovers and couples exchange gifts on that Chinese lovers day, and some youngsters like to join traditional activities in ancient Chinese costumes.

According to the traditional practice, Qixi Festival is also called Young Girls’ Day. In that day, girls gather together, do needle threading and pray for a satisfying marriage. Nowadays, Qixi Festival has been treated by the couples as Chinese Valentine’s Day, and couples usually have a date that day. This festival, for those who maintain a long-distance relationship, is significant and meaningful. Since cowherd and weaving maid have successfully met with each other, does there really exist anything that prevents the couples from dating?

What flowers are suitable in Qixi Festival?

Roses are the first choice, because they represent beauty and love. White Roses: White Roses stands for marriage, new beginnings or letting her know that you are thinking about her: Forget Me Not: Giving Forget Me Nots means a true and everlasting love.

Send Flowers Qixi Festival

A gift is a carrier through which the giver conveys information, emotion and intention to the recipient.Objects that are usually given to one another in order to please one another or to show kindness or respect.Also consider giving flowers,eternal flower and some personalised gifts.

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