What are the key points of flower arrangement for beginners?

When learning flower arrangement, there are some main points, which are mainly divided into three elements:

1. Basic modeling of flower arrangement.

2. Size determination.

3. Color matching.

Basic shape of flower arrangement

Horizontal type: the design center of gravity emphasizes the horizontal shape of transverse extension.A slight bulge in the center and an elegant curve at the left and right ends.Its modelling biggest characteristic is to be able to appreciate from any Angle.Used for table, tea table, conference table display.

Triangle: flower material can be inserted into equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle or non-equilateral triangle, simple shape, stability, give a person to balance, stability, simple, solemn feeling.For ceremonies, openings, gifts of flower baskets, etc.If used in large art performance and other grand occasions, also show luxury style.

L-shaped: a vertical combination of the two sides, left and right in an unbalanced state.Appropriate display is in indoor corner relies on wall place.L-shaped flowers and flowers often play an important role in the composition of some spikes. Large flowers and fruits are used for corners, while small flowers extend themselves forward, giving people an open and upward feeling.

Fan shape: the basic triangular shape of the flower arrangement, radiating in the center, and form a fan shape.Suitable for display in the larger space.

Inverted T-shape: The whole design focuses on the composition of the inverted T-shape.The ratio of vertical and horizontal lines is 2:1, giving a modern sense.Suitable for decoration in the environment with small space around.

Vertical: the overall shape shows a vertical upward shape, giving people a sense of upward extension.Suitable for display in high and narrow space.

Oval shape: Elegant and luxurious style.Adopt a large number of flower material, group type inserts a method, to the structure, comparative requirement is lower, show natural fruity feeling.Classical vases as containers, suitable for churches or ceremonies such as the larger space of the occasion.

Inclined: the shape is an equilateral triangle.The main branch of the long and short – term depending on the situation, the whole composition has the characteristics of left and right imbalance.Used for linear flower material, can effectively express the stretch, natural beauty.


Determine the size of the flower arrangement

The proportion of flower material and flower implement should be coordinated.In general, the height of the flower arrangement (i.e. the height of the first main branch) should not exceed 1 of the height of the container.5-2 times, the height of the container is calculated as the diameter of the bottle mouth plus its own height.After the height of the first main branch is determined, the height of the second main branch is 2/3 of the height of the first main branch, and the height of the third main branch is 1/2 of the height of the second main branch.In the specific creative process by experience visual inspection can be.

Second, the third main branch plays a balanced role in the composition, the number is not limited, but the size and proportion should be coordinated.The proportion between the material of natural type flower arrangement and flower implement must cooperate properly, achieve strewn at random have send, alternate with density, avoid to show a foot, shrink head, unkempt.Regular flower arrangement and abstract flower arrangement should be handled according to the golden ratio, that is, the bottle height is 3, the flower material height is 5, the total height is 8, the ratio of 3:5:8 is ok.Bouquets may also be tied in this proportion.


Arrangement of flower colors

The colour configuration that arranges a flower, since be opposite natural portrait, it is to natural exaggeration, mass-tone tonal choice should suit to use an environment.Strong warm tones (red, orange, yellow) suitable for festive gatherings, dance hall restaurants, exhibition hall;Bright and clean neutral tones for study, living room and bedroom;And cool colors (light yellow, green, blue, purple, white) are often used in places of mourning.

In terms of the kind of flower material, this wood for its deep and powerful, herbaceous for its bright but pleasant.Natural flower art to beauty, not dazzling color, even if no flowers, can be used as the protagonist cyan cyan.And the pattern flower art with strong color, hot, can also be set in a strong contrast of color in the same work.

Look with respect to the colour that spends material and container cooperate, plain coloured fine vase and quietly elegant chrysanthemum have harmonious feeling;Strong and with decorative dahlia, with bright glazed coarse pottery pot, can show its bold charm;Light blue water should be inserted with low and dense pink Daisy or Daisy;A glass bottle with a thin neck should be decorated with chrysanthemum, and its branches and stems should be wrapped around the bottle.

As far as the characteristics of eastern and Western flower art are concerned, the western flower art has many branches, strong color and strong contrast.And Oriental flower art is flowered branch is little, emphasize natural posture is beautiful, use shallow, light color more, be good at with grace.By the above, you should have a basic understanding of how to arrange flowers. So, pay attention to these three elements when learning how to arrange flowers. I believe you will be very handy when learning how to arrange flowers.


Which flowers suit indoor maintenance?

With the faster and faster pace of life, people have less and less leisure time.Raising flowers is some people’s hobby, but after all, people’s energy is limited, it is impossible to spend a lot of time to take care of these flowers, which will eventually lead to withered flowers and even death.What kinds of flowers are easy to keep?

Cactus: when it comes to the ranking of the best indoor plants, cactus can definitely rank first!Cactus originated from the high temperature arid desert region, with a strong vitality.Give it sunlight and water it once every two to three months. After all, the cactus can survive in the harsh desert environment.

Cactus is the most fragile thing in the world, she is delicate as water, a touch will lose their lives.God put upon her heart a suit of armor as hard as iron, with stabbing stings.From then on, no one could ever see the heart of the cactus again, and anything that came near her would bleed.

After a long time, a brave man wanted to wipe out the evil thing. When the sword went out, the cactus became two halves, from which was a green liquid.Originally, that is the heart of the sealed cactus, due to no one to understand the loneliness, into a drop of tears.So the word for cactus is – strong.


Chlorophytum: Chlorophytum likes warm and moist growth environment, the requirements of the soil is not high, literally planted a branch inserted in the wet soil or water can survive, usually as long as it can give the right amount of water can grow very well.

Spider plant is a perennial herb, slender branches droop, summer or other seasons when the temperature is high white flowers, flowers are concentrated in the end of the branches hanging down, the stamens are yellow, the internal small young leaves sometimes purple, for potted viewing.


Ivy: Ivy is also the best indoor plant ranking in one of the ivy leaf beautiful, evergreen, in the south around often used as a vertical greening.In the normal course of ivy farming, just keep the soil moist and expose it to some astigmatism, and you can happily enjoy the fresh air ivy brings to the room.

Ivy leaf shape is beautiful, evergreen, often used for vertical greening in the south.Many plants beside the rockery, wall root, let its natural attachment vertical or cover growth, play the effect of decoration and beautification of the environment.When potted, with small and medium-sized basin cut primarily, can undertake a variety of modelling, display in the room.

It can also be used to cover the walls of the indoor garden to make the landscape of the indoor garden more natural and beautiful.The whole ivy plant can be used as medicine, has the effect of dispelling wind and dampness, promoting blood circulation and reducing swelling, and has therapeutic effect on falling injury, back and leg pain, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.

In the courtyard can be used to climb rockery, rock, or in the shade of the building as a vertical greening material.It is advisable to plant in a shade environment with good microclimate in North China.Also can be potted for indoor afforest ornamental use.Ivy has been widely used in greening.

In particular, it plays a pivotal role in three-dimensional greening.It can not only achieve the greening and beautification effect, but also play the role of increasing oxygen, cooling, dust reduction, noise reduction, etc., is one of the most used materials of liana green plants.


Chlorophytum: Chlorophytum is a negative plant, known as the “flower of life”, likes half shade and hot and humid environment.As long as it is placed in a humid semi-shade with a little light, it can thrive, so it is also one of the best indoor plants.

Money plant its winding sex is strong, adventitious roots developed, leaf color colorful, four seasons evergreen, long branches hanging, is excellent foliage plants, can let its perch on trunk with brown into cylindrical, greening, put in the hall, hotel, also can develop into a trailer in the study, windowsill, walls, walls, and can also be used to shade cover plant, is a kind of suitable for display in indoor flowers.

What flowers do you want to send with your ex-girlfriend?

Content abstract:There is no girl but likes flowers, because it is to recover the flowers sent, so apology is the first.Guys shouldn’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry”. Most of the time that’s what girls care about.If only blindly reason, rational analysis of who is right and who is wrong, is unable to save his girlfriend.If a relationship wants to maintain a good, the boy’s tolerance plays a crucial role.In order to make compound success, sending flowers is just the beginning, is an entry point, in fact, send this “flower” is taken for granted.

1.Diana’s Pink rose

Falling in love with you Bai is the greatest happiness in my life. Missing you is my sweetest pain. Being with you is the pride of my Dao.Without you, I’m like a ship that has lost its way.Diana roses also represent happiness, joy, grace, gentleness and gratitude.Giving Diana roses was also an expression of love, but in a softer, more reserved way.



Tulips always give people the feeling of being enthusiastic, excited and active.Once a girl sees this kind of flower, she will feel that her love has been romanticized.Originally the other party is also a passionate person like yourself, between two people will not because of conflict, not because of break up and emotional stagnation.On the contrary, the feeling between two people will be more hot, all the unhappy moments will disappear.At this moment, just want to tearfully tell each other, the past is not important, the important is that we still have time, we still have a lot of time to start again.



Acacia flowers look elegant, pure and unique.People who like flowers of the same kind tend to attach great importance to feelings.Once this kind of people choose a person, will stick to the love until death.When you send your partner flowers, the meaning of the flowers will make them feel like they need to stop and calm down.You are willing to admit your mistake first, and she will understand you for a lifetime, which also represents the determination to be together with each other for a long time.



You send lilies, both on behalf of you want to make up with each other, but also on behalf of you want to keep each other company until old age.The other side receives the lily, certain can understand you this meaning.Maybe you have known each other for a while, but now you are on the verge of breaking up. There has been a lot of hurt between you, but people who really love each other will never go their separate ways because of one or two misunderstandings.If you can send her lilies, it means you are serious about your relationship and she will understand that you are really determined to spend the rest of your life with her.



Wisteria stands for obsessive love.Although there have been a lot of misunderstanding and quarrel between you, but you still like her, she is always irreplaceable in your heart.Like wisteria, lingering, close together.Love a person, to this point, has been incurable.At this point reconciliation is the greatest antidote.The beauty of love is that in the hard times we share a common belief in the future together.


Men must know these super romantic new tricks for marriage proposal!

Content abstract: propose flowers must have the sincerity, and if they are to marry him in public, so be sure to let the girls face, if the man with only a few dry roses to marry him, I believe that many girls will rush to pull you away, what girls may will follow up with the joneses, but after all, she will still care about the people around eyes.Any kind of sarcasm or good-natured ridicule will likely ruin your proposal.

1.A super romantic proposal

Nowadays, marriage proposal is always inseparable with flowers. A proposal can be made without diamond ring, but not without flowers. It seems that a proposal without flowers is an imperfect proposal.Then how to send flowers to propose marriage?

Propose flowers must have the sincerity, and if it is to marry him in public, so be sure to let the girls face, if the man with only a few dry roses to marry him, I believe that many girls will rush to pull you away, what girls may will follow up with the joneses, but after all, she will still care about the people around eyes.Any kind of sarcasm or good-natured ridicule will likely ruin your proposal.

Do your best to make your girlfriend look good in front of your colleagues and friends, and show them how much you care about her.If ring is not bounteous can choose gold ring, but the flower must atmosphere is beautiful, general 30 or so also can pack very big a bunch.If your girlfriend is a thrifty person, she may complain about you and waste flowers when she accepts your proposal, but I believe she can’t deceive people with her smile.

Every woman has a little wish, in the eyes of the world, beloved him with a bunch of flowers to propose to her.In the envious eyes of others, in Zhen Huan’s words: this is naturally excellent.

Of course, the proposal is still based on the person, according to the girlfriend’s preferences to choose different ways of proposal will make her surprised again and again.

2. What kind of proposal can win a woman’s heart?What are some romantic and practical ways to propose a girl?

As for the proposal of marriage, it was a heart-breaking affair for the boys.Because to let the girl feel romantic, touching, but also to surprise!In addition to the standard rose wedding ring, the proposal also needs to have good ideas.So what kind of marriage proposal can win a woman’s heart?

If women don’t like crowds, make a romantic proposal without a crowd!The feat can be accomplished in a pre-arranged home.Arrange the living room in advance, warm and romantic, you can use flowers and scented candles to create the atmosphere, and will be covered with “dear, I love you”, “dear, hard work” and other lovely post-it notes in every prominent position in the home, let her every place to feel the warmth of love.Dinner could be something she has already cooked for you. Today, you can cook it yourself. Wine is a good choice.While she’s having a hearty meal with you, take the opportunity to walk away, take out the flowers and the ring you’ve prepared and come down on your knees to propose to her.That’s definitely a big surprise!

If you have enough money, you can rent a huge billboard in advance at the intersection where she has to go after work. When she passes by, you can play a video belonging to you. At the end of the video, the sentence “Dear, marry me!”And you slowly walk over to her side and get down on one knee.Such a casual moment of romance is sure to surprise her.

A marriage proposal that has won a woman’s heart depends largely on your heart.If you put your mind to it, your partner will be able to see it

3.Want to propose to your girlfriend? What makes it more romantic?

Spring is the season when flowers bloom.Many people want to propose to their girlfriends in this romantic season. Want to propose to your girlfriend?What makes it more romantic?Here’s how to try it!

First, you can ask the girlfriend out taking pictures, before we leave, can say to her pictures, told her to put on beautiful dress, the destination is a graze, girls see flowers will be happy, arriving at site, the normal photo first, and then pretended to disappear, then rode a white horse, change into the prince’s clothes, appear in front of her eyes, then there is a romantic marriage proposal.

On the anniversary of your meeting, take her to a place where there is a hot air balloon. You ride it together. When you reach a very high place, the people below use each person to hold a Mosaic, hold it flat on the top of your head, and put it into a heart shape, which says XXX, marry me!At this time prompt her to look down, after she sees, you take out a proposal diamond ring, propose in a hot air balloon.

It could be a mall square, an amusement park, or a park. On White Valentine’s Day, go for a walk together, excuse yourself, put on a costume she doesn’t recognize, perform a magic trick in front of her, make a proposal ring, and propose.

Proposed under the ferris wheel is also a lot of people say the pursuit of romantic attraction, legend in the ferris wheel when it reaches the top make a wish, your wish will come true, believe that many people have heard of this legend, might as well the ferris wheel is proposed when it reaches the top with a diamond ring to propose to her, let the beauty of the whole city to witness your romantic love pledge for you.Make a love video out of every photo of you together, and at the end of the video, make a note of what you want to say to her.On this special day, play this video to her, and when she is touched, take out your prepared diamond ring to propose to her.

If you are more versatile, might as well write a song for her, and then play since sing, feeling to the depths, ask her if she is willing to marry you, and for her to wear a proposal diamond ring, make a lifetime of romantic commitment.

If you are a homebody, you can also prepare a love breakfast for your beloved on a sunny morning, and tell her that you will be responsible for the breakfast for the rest of her life, is it sweet and warm?Every day is a happy day when you are accompanied by your lover.No matter with vigour and vitality or long flow of love are inseparable from the company.

If the other person is a sports lover, you can also run to clock in, run a love her shape.

Billboards are more expensive than other ways of proposing because they cost a lot to rent, but a once-in-a-lifetime romantic proposal can be a good idea if the economy is ok.

Of course, no matter how you propose, you should be prepared with flowers first. That’s the most important thing!

What are the flower etiquette?

Flowers play a more and more important role in etiquette communication with the deepening of social civilization and become an important tool in social communication.Flowers in etiquette communication mainly has the following several forms of application: the origin of etiquette flowers, like etiquette, is formed by customs.Pass affection, send affection flower, ancient already began.

On behalf of the ancient Oriental civilization of etiquette state – China, in the application of ceremonial flowers, can be traced back to ancient times.The discovery of a pattern of plants on pottery dating back 7,000 years suggests that the ancients used flowers to beautify their lives.In addition to decorative purposes, this flower pattern may also be a sign of some kind of emotion and desire.According to historical records, the ancients gave certain meanings to flowers during xia ~ Eastern Zhou Dynasty (21st ~ 3rd century BC).

Ancient flower etiquette is not unique to China. In ancient Greece, due to frequent wars, groups of war heroes emerged. People greeted victorious heroes with flowers and presented them with flowers that could best express their respect.Every year, on Children’s Day (Anthester), children wear crowns to celebrate their holiday.These can be said to be western etiquette with flowers to begin the representative.

The ancients formed a good flower etiquette of the customs, to leave us a precious flower culture wealth.The form of flower etiquette through many years: thousands of years of continuation to the present, prevalent.And gradually internationalizing.This development process has withstood the test of time and space, indicating that flower etiquette has national and cosmopolitan, and etiquette flowers have infinite charm and unique role.

What are the advantages of buying flowers online?

What are the advantages of buying flowers from a local florist?Many kinds of flowers can meet the needs of different occasions gifts, so holidays, birthdays and other special time, many friends choose to send flowers.

With the popularity of online shopping, the channel of purchasing flowers has also changed from offline to online, especially online flower shops, which are welcomed by many people.What are the advantages of ordering flowers in online flower shops that can be pursued by so many young people?
Now online shopping is enriching the whole trade industry, and logistics industry also provides the most powerful support for this, which is also one of the reasons for the prevalence of online shopping.
Online florist, as the name implies, is the florist on the Internet for direct sales of a way.Through pictures and other different forms of visual expression, we can have an effective understanding of the language of flowers and the way flowers are wrapped.Then the flowers will be delivered to the destination you filled in within the specified time by express on the Internet.

Of course, online florists offer additional services such as writing CARDS for you, and words of affection can be added to show your love.With the convenience of an online florist, I believe this wish can be realized in a more meaningful way.Qixi Festival is coming. May all lovers get married.

Now young people buy flowers generally want to achieve the effect of sending surprise, so generally choose to entrust flower shop distribution, local flower shop generally close to the florist address, can ensure within a few hours of delivery.

For the young people who can’t accompany their girlfriend (wife) for no time, distance and other reasons, the local flower shop is undoubtedly a good choice. It is also a common thing to help them buy, send, bless and buy a box of medicine from time to time.It is not surprising that the local flower shop is popular among young people for its considerate service.

Florist service staff are generally local people, who are well aware of local gift giving customs and what kind of flowers should be sent. They can give correct Suggestions to customers. They can place orders directly online and choose their favorite styles.In this way, while making it convenient for customers to buy, the price is also transparent, avoiding all kinds of traps in the brick-and-mortar flower shop.

Florist quality guaranteed, the bouquet of flowers is a selection of high quality material, generally air from yunnan flower market, guarantee the customer when receiving flowers are fresh state, generally USES the specialist car distribution, perfect quality and convenient services to our customers, to invite senior floral designers, understand the current popular style, design bouquet for the be fond of of young people.

The online information is transparent and the operation of the flower shop depends on the public praise of netizens, which makes the flower shop have to put integrity in the first place and seriously treat every customer’s Suggestions and complaints.Online florist shop competition is fierce, netizens choose freely, florist shops have to do a good job in bouquet quality and service.

In order to fully meet the needs of customers, some capable flower shops have even made promises to ensure the delivery of the bouquet within 1 to 3 hours. The shops are all over the country in many provinces, cities and counties, and the distribution range even reaches villages and towns, which ensures the timeliness of distribution and the freshness of flower materials.So while the benefits of buying flowers at a local florist are obvious, make sure you check to see if it’s a local florist.

Online flower ordering is a new trend that saves us a lot of trouble and unnecessary time and expense.The arrival of Valentine’s Day, a lot of people will choose to send flowers to their lover, will choose to order flowers online, if today is his girlfriend’s birthday, you can not accompany her because of special reasons such as overtime a beautiful birthday.You can buy flowers online and send them to her. Even if you can’t accompany her birthday, you will also feel your blessing and happiness to her!

What are the skills to send flowers?

Sending flowers is a knowledge, sending flowers is also an art, the language of flowers to express is too rich, flower receiver you ever understand the meaning?Are you a little confused about sending flowers?Do you know what a bouquet of red and white roses means?Do you know what to do first when sending lily for visiting?Wait a minute, to express and understand the meaning of flowers to better express the art.

To grasp the true meaning of flowers, we must first understand the language and meaning of flowers, in order to make flowers show the essence of the moon, the spirit of heaven and earth, have the beauty of ease.After a long period of evolution, people attach certain meanings to all kinds of flowers to convey feelings and express their feelings.

Thousands of states of flowers say thousands of words, to understand the meaning of flowers, it is from the beginning of the common sense to send flowers.Due to different ethnic customs, flowers are also taboo, not mechanically copied.Every flower has a meaning and a silent language, so you should choose a different kind of flower according to your partner’s situation.

  • Give the old man birthday, should send longevity flower or evergreen, longevity flower symbol of “health and longevity”, evergreen symbol of “eternal youth”.
  • Men and women in love generally give roses and lilies. These flowers are beautiful, elegant, and fragrant, and are the symbols and symbols of love.
  • To congratulate friends on their birthdays, it is advisable to send roses, anthurium, unicorn grass, and gypsophila, symbolizing “the fiery red years and the bright future.”
  • Congratulations to the wedding, roses, lilies, tulips, vanilla, gerbera, anthurium, bird of paradise, etc. are suitable. As for the bridal bouquet, adding a few stars to it will make it more gorgeous and refined.